Who we are


We are Medias Digital, a creative and social media agency specializing in the fields of culinary and lifestyle. We will guide you and your brand from the initial stage of brainstorming to the final stage of data analysis. We build content strategies specially for each of our brands with the objective of establishing a strong and engaged community of followers. Not only do we operate our brands’ social accounts; we manage them from top to bottom.


Social Media

We will create a content strategy specially for your brand with the objective of establishing a strong and engaged community of followers. Not only will we operate your brand’s social account; we will manage it from top to bottom.


We work with the most powerful influencers in Israel directly and independently. We come up with creative and innovative campaigns that incorporate influencers, guarantee authentic discourse and produce positive engagement.


A comprehensive, wide-scale marketing strategy requires accurate planning
and an ability to construct an outstanding digital puzzle. Nowadays the digital
world is full of options: video commercials, landing pages, articles, marketing
content, influencers and more. We, at Medias Digital, are here to help you
choose the right elements for your brand and accurately adjust your brand's
message in each of its digital platforms.

Video production

We, at Medias Digital, know how to create and execute perfect video content for social media. Every brief gets our full treatment including choosing a format, platform, media budget and a desired impact. Our production team is made up of the best professionals in their field. Our goal is to constantly reinvent ourselves with each project and create viral content.


We work with the best photographers, both in indoor and outdoor productions, so we are able to deliver strong and distinguishable content that will catch everyone’s eyes and hearts.

Media purchase

We know how to measure each post, ad or campaign that are posted on social media and we work to better fit the message and the way we approach the brand’s target market. At the end of each month we send our clients a very organized report detailing their brand’s monthly activity along with our qualitative input.